Who We Are

One of these days you spot someone wearing a very cool Tshirt you should realize it could be from teefry.com :P We are working so freaking hard to get there!


At some point custom design T-shirts was becoming my obsession. There are instances i followed someone just to read the design on their tshirt (as creepy as it can get). For over two years I have been mentally working on building a brand that sells custom designs printed on tshirt..something people love and feel personal about..something they feel passionate and proud to wear around.

Finally we are here to bring you tshirts that's going to tell your story for you!

Our vision for teefry is to help people share their awesome stories with the world. Let your Tshirt start conversation among people. Let people gravitate to you and start an amazing conversation. You might end up finding friends that resonates with your opinion or story. We have room for a lot of motivation, inspiration, crazy, funny, strong views and opinions. Let's keep it raw and see how it grows.

You have a wonderful idea that can be printed on a tshirt? Just contact us..let's work on that to bring it alive :)

We are on a mission to build a community that spread green future. To achieve that we have a long way to go and we are starting right here. Every tshirt you buy we will plant a tree in your name (more information on that soon). We are so happy to welcome you to get involved with our journey.

So.. until then Rise, Wear and Grind!
Jose & Team Teefry



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